29 December 2006

As promised, Raj's work schedule

Today Friday 12/29 1-close
Saturday 12/30 8-5
Sunday 12/31 10-7 (roughly- it's a close shift)
Monday 01/01 OFF

Also, a big screw you to my favorite cosmetics line, LUSH, for being out of stock on my all time favorite product

Now I have to wait until they have stock on the Silky Underwear BEFORE I place my order.


Matt said...

Are you posting somewhere else nowadays? If i were to judge by this blog and your lj, you've been dead for months.

EmilySingh said...

I post only sporadically, anywhere.

I don't have anything interesting to say. Ever. You should know this by now.

Myspace is deader than here or LJ!