27 August 2013

Struggle, Always Struggle

I've been a giant ball of stress.  My in-laws came for a visit.  Now, don't get me wrong, they are lovely people, but they live in a museum, practically and I, well, don't.  Not even close.

So I took Wednesday off from work and frantically deep-cleaned my house.  My husband took Thursday off from work and helped me do more scrubbing.  They arrived Friday AM and my house was preeeetty much as clean as I'd want it to be.  But there were still things.  Like I have worn out cookware.  It took my mother-in-law 2.3 seconds to mention this. It will be about 7 years before new cookware makes it anywhere in our budget.  We have muuuuch bigger priorities.  What we have is adequate, at least until we've replaced our terrible truck and possibly moved into a house with a fence for my puppy.

We're from different cultures, my in-laws and me.  A lot of the things they expect as normal would NEVER EVER happen in my central Iowa upbringing.  Many things come off as downright rude.  So I spent the better part of 4 days stress eating, rage suppressing, biting my tongue.  For example, my father-in-law called me from the kitchen, where I was cooking dinner, to tell me to refill his glass and to grab a refill for my husband, too.

I tried to focus this stressed out energy on my runs, but for the past 3 runs, I couldn't find my groove.  I just got new kicks and I'm not sure if they are causing problems or if I am causing problems for myself.  I plan to scale back my runs to 10-1-10-1-10-1-10 starting tonight and see if that sorts that.  It's calf pain I am having, so I don't know if that can be attributed to my shoes or no.  I KNOW it means I need to do more yoga, but here I sit, on my arse, blogging about yoga instead of doing it.  FAIL.  I keep trying to just stretch it out.  I really need to.  I am better than wearing out at 8 minutes in.  I'm a strong girl.  I've got this.

Anyway, I am giving the shoes the side-eye.  I've got a couple more weeks of test runs before I am stuck with them, so we shall see...

We are at right about a month before my first 10k EVER.  YES I CAN.

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Carina said...

That is rough! I've told my husband that we need to divorce now and cut our losses if he thinks we have any more than about a 10% chance of ending up like his parents -- they shout a lot and seem very disrespectful of each other (but apparently they've been like this most of the 50+ years they've been married, it's just not what I want). Maybe you can try foam-rolling your calf? Or just cut your mileage for a couple weeks and see if that helps (though I know running is important stress relief). I just had major calf pain 2-3 weeks ago and about 5 days off seemed to fix it. Good luck!