18 June 2013

What I've Been Up To

True to form, If I am not posting around here, I'm probably offtrack.  Lame.

I need to keep myself more accountable.  I've been eating poorly, but exercising well.  As a result of my eating poorly, I've put back all of the weight I lost this year.  It's not over for me, though.  I am doing a 2 times per week bootcamp now, boxing on Saturday and training runs M, W, and F.  I think the more frequent nature of meeting with my trainer coupled with my basic competitive nature, I should be able to drag myself back on track and into eating correctly.

Starting my day with exercise does help me to eat more correctly.  I am counting calories again, watching my sugar and trying to plan my food days.

Other things I've been up to.  My family and I went to New York City and really enjoyed ourselves.  We packed a lot of sightseeing in just a couple of days.  We spent a lot of time walking.  Frequently our walks had Deven on shoulders because a little kid has a hard time keeping up with 6 adults.

I've been enjoying work.  No problems there.

I've been knitting.  I recently knit an octopus- (pattern from Purl Soho).  I loved knitting that and am kind of sad it's cast off.  It's going to get its own post here in the future. 

On Friday night, I participated in Relay for Life.  It's very high on the top 10 most powerful events I've ever completed.  I spent about 6.5 hours on the course.  I would have spent longer, but unfortunately, rain and lightening kept us off for the last 2 hours.  It showed me that I do have the stuff to participate in a half marathon or full marathon, but if I am going to do that, I'd like to run it.  So for now, I'm trying to work my way up to 10K by the end of the summer.

I'm glad to be back here, blogging and being accountable.  I'll try to check in a couple of times per week.

Be well, everyone.

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