19 August 2012

Weigh In, Weekend and maybe another W

I don't know that there will be another W.  We will see.

I will start with the business end of this post.  I was down .4.  Too bad I have 13 lbs of regain before I can start getting to real celebrations again,  I'm not going to wallow in this, I am just going to celebrate the small victories.

First of all, I earned my rewards.  I am going to let the LUSH bath ride because of my extra purchases of base coat and a nail polish. I LOVE the nail polish I selected.  China Glaze's Ruby Pumps.  It's stunning, glittery.  I feel extravagantly fancy having it on my nails.

That brings me to the point,  I haven't felt good about me forever.  I admire girls that are girly, but I am not one of them.  So I've started encouraging myself to be more girly.  Nail polish rewards, doing my hair properly.  A birchbox subscription.  It's time that I felt happy about how I look.  I am working on the weight loss, but I can't speed it up, so I am going to appreciate the me I have today, damn it.

I had a great on-the-go weekend.  We did Dirty Girl.  Here are a couple of pictures.

This is the first Muddy Obstacle.   I'm second from the right.

This is towards the end of the race. I started to notice that my FREE BEER was coming off my bib. I stopped belly crawling because OMG SAVE THE FREE BEER.

5K later, I am tired, Dirty, triumphant.

I love this picture of me.  I'm not the thinnest girl in the race,  I'm not the most confident, but I am loving the way I felt at the end, so I went ahead and registered for Color Me Rad 5k.

Today we did some tidying and then went out for lunch. I logged my Taco Loco and my chips and salsa.  My family and I headed off to the amusement park for some fun and came home and watched "We Bought a Zoo"

Now I am relaxing and enjoying my evening with my family,  I didn't work out today, but I have great plans for this week.  I am going to restart Couch to 5K on week 3 tomorrow.  I'm going to do sparkpeople strength training plans, too. Three days a week.

There you have it. Two more "w"s.  Workouts and "We Bought a Zoo"

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