17 August 2012

This week

It's near certain I will earn both the nail polish and LUSH bath rewards.  To miss it, I would have to go off the deep end pretty badly.  I've already done a min of 20 minutes of exercise 4 times and I have a run tomorrow.  It's the Dirty Girl Mudrun.  I'm very concerned because I haven't trained for it AT ALL and am feeling pretty weak, but I know that worse comes to worse, I walk the whole thing, or most of it and that's no big deal at all.  It's the last time I am running this race, because I really don't like how little of the entry fee goes to cancer.  There are tons of events out there with far more going to the charity, so there you have that.

I still have 12 extra points, but I've been eating so much produce that I can't imagine throwing in another snack.

I am disappointed, though.  I went for my first run in several weeks on Wednesday and it was TERRIBLE.   I managed one run of five minutes and one run of three minutes and then pooped out.  I am going to roll it back to week three and see if I can't get myself back up into it.   I know I *CAN* run. I have done it before.  It's a matter of reminding myself that I can and working back into it.  One thing I have been working on is getting less fatigued by hills.  I've never done a race that didn't have at least one fairly intense hill, so obviously, if I can't run a hill, I can't do much racing.

I am weird.  I don't like to run. AT ALL.  But I LOOOOVE to finish running. and I love being in a race.  Although racing near me is a feat, as I largely spend my time swearing and complaining.   I feel so strong and proud when I am done.   I don't need to be a great runner, a fast runner, even to be able to run 5k without walking.  I just need to feel strong and proud.   

I feel like I am in a good headspace right now and I am going to work to stay here.  I don't dislike this feeling.

Take care of yourselves.

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