08 January 2011

Let's get serious, A yoyo dietiers history.

for my entire life, it feels like i have been trying to lose weight.  i was a chunky kid. i was a fat high schooler up until i did slimfast over a summer and ended up being  just a chunky junior in high school- same for senior year.

then in 2003, i found weight watchers.  i totally found my thing, weight peeled off.  i went from 218 to 160 in like 6 months. i was a weightloss superstar. i was around 172 lbs the day i got married and although still chunky (about size 12) i felt super cute.

then i quit smoking and bounced up to around 210. i dieted off and on for a few years, not caring too much and for some reason, decided to do a master cleanse. i lost like 35 lbs doing a few of them but completely murdered my metabolism.  too bad. especially since i got pregnant RIGHT after.  disaster struck.  i loaded on weight. fast. i went from about 189 lbs to about 279 the day i went to the hospital for a c-section (my son was breech)

i was miserable.  after all the bloating from surgery and being pregnant wore off, i was left about 259 lbs.  i bounced around at around that weight until about may of 2010.  i tried weight watchers, but just couldn't get it going. i did the biggest loser club and lost some weight there, but then my elliptical broke for a second time (it was a piece of junk) and i lost my motivation.  then i started doing sparkpeople.com's fit firm and fired up and watching what i ate.  then i did the 30 day shred. then i joined some bootcamps.  a good amount of  weight was coming off, i was looking a little better.  i went from about a size 20 to a size 16.

that's where i am today.  i am in a funk.  a few weeks after thanksgiving, i was down to my lowest pre-baby weight..  this morning, in my full jammies (the lowest weight was a naked weight) the bathroom scale showed 12 pounds more. ugh. christmas was horrible for my weight loss efforts.

so i need to do something. here is my plan.  i am going to log the food that i eat. for right now, if i am over calories, that's ok.  but i am going to make myself be accountable for my food.  actually, the next post on this blog will be my food (edited through the day to include everything i am eating).

i am going to have a daily fitness post.  i must post even if i am not doing anything. but i need to be doing things.  most monday, wednesday and saturday, i will be doing couch to 5k and a strength training video from sparkpeople.com.  tuesday and sunday is yoga.  if my husband doesn't bowl, then thursday is also yoga.  if he does, thursday is zumba on the wii.  sunday is also zumba, but at the gym.  that should keep me busy for 6 days a week. on friday, i will try to do a little zumba for the wii.  i have a goal set at sparkpeople.com to log 24000 fitness minutes this year.  that's roughly double what i did last year.  i can do it.

on monday, my bodybugg should be delivered.  that's the point at which things will really get going.  because i am going to aim for a 1000 calorie deficit per day minimum.  i'm hoping that the deficit can come from exercise.  because i like to eat. clearly. a girl doesn't get to 220 lbs because she hates it.

today's workout is an open house at another gym. my friend karen goes there.  we are going to do a couple mini classes.  it should amount to about 90 minutes workout.

i have a scale abstinence thing going on until 1 february 2011.  i can look at the bathroom scale, but i can't take an official weight on the wiifit until then.

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