21 March 2009

14 months

Dear Deven,
These past 14 months have been such a treat. You are the greatest little person I know.

This month, your baby sign started really taking off. You do signs for
Baby, milk, friend, eat, more

You talk a little more. You say mama (this usually means milk) dada (this means mom or dad, usually) You just started saying 'what's that'

We are a little concerned that you have a mild allergy to peanuts. Everytime we give you peanut butter, you get little dry patches on your face and torso. This clears right up with lotion, so we aren't sure, but we will be asking your doctor for a referral to the pediatric allergist, just to be safe.

You are so on the move. You are trying to climb on everything. We recently bought you a little slide for the living room. It took you no time at all to learn to climb up the slide and then come back down. That slide was definitely money well spent.

Separation anxiety has really taken over this month. When I leave the room, you will often stand at the baby gate and cry, even when you can still see me. When we drop you off at daycare, you get really sad. I know this is short lived, since you love your daycare. Just a few weeks ago, you were shrugging us off to run to your teacher. Such a sweet and cuddly baby.

More and more, your independent little personality comes shining through. You are a warm, affectionate little ball of fire. We couldn't be prouder or more blessed.

We love you, Muppet.


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