21 February 2009

13 months

Dear Deven,
In the past month, you have really started showing your own personality. You are hilarious, you make up your own jokes. For whatever reason, you think your mom and dad are pretty funny. Especially when we dance. Now that I think of it, everyone else thinks it's funny when we dance, too.

In the past month, we have had an unfortunate thing happen. You started throwing tantrums. You screamed like someone cut your hand off. But all appendages remained attached and in reality, you just wanted a cracker or something.

Your dad and I have proven to be gigantic pushovers for you in the past, but we are not giving into this tantrum nonsense. You throw a fit and we say "Oh, is that going to help you get your milk?" Short answer is "nope". These fits lasted about a week. A couple of days later your 5th tooth broke through and then your 6th tooth broke through about 3 days later.

You have also learned how to stand up without having something to pull yourself up on, how to walk backwards and how to dance. You are really working on your fine motor skills. You are putting things inside of larger things, taking things out of larger things, smacking them together, etc.

You have added a couple of words to your vocabulary. In addition to mama, dada and baba, you also say bk (which we THINK means book) and mlk which we KNOW means milk.

In just the last couple of days, you have learned how to do the ASL sign for milk. We are working on several signs, but the milk one was a good first step.

We are so proud of the person you are becoming. Everyone you meet is charmed by you. Especially us.


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