09 April 2008

Morning at home

I had flex this morning, meaning I don't have to go to work until about noon. This morning so far (and it is only 9:40) Deven and I have enjoyed time in the Exersaucer, had tummy time, played with his puppy activity center, sang songs, had a bath, curled up in bed together and had a nap. We did an exercise where we stood up, sat up and lay down. Of course we have had a meal and some snacks (yay boobymilk)

Now he is sitting in his bouncy seat smiling, squealing and cooing. What the hell are we gonna do when he outgrows that thing?

He is at such a cool age. I am enjoying every minute. I just wish those minutes didn't fly by so quickly.

I'm really hoping we hear about the duplex today. I am ready to start thinning down our stuff to make moving easier. Even though we will have so much storage that we won't need to!

I'm also wanting to make a run to my hometown. We have quite a bit of stuff that my sister loaned us that Deven has outgrown. We have a swing that was my sister's sons that Deven is sooo not cool with. We have some maternity clothes to give back, too (so that she can work on giving me another niece or nephew)

With all this paring down, we might have to buy more stuff to fill the new place ;)

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