07 April 2008

I am so not updaty McGee.

This post will be a random collection of thoughts. Semi-coherent at best, I'm sure.

I'm sitting here on the couch with my snoozing 11 week old son beside me. He isn't sleeping particularly well because he brought home a nasty cold from daycare, one we are both fighting.

I am seriously considering buying and trying a netti pot. I must have lost my fucking mind, because never before in my life have I considered not only pouring warm water up my nose to wash the snot out, but also PAYING FOR AN APPARATUS to do the same. This cold is just that bad.

We are currently living in a one bedroom apartment. Raj and I are on the lookout for a larger place. Yesterday we toured 2 places, a duplex and a townhouse. Both are available for roughly the same rent we are paying now, each with it's own charm.

We have decided we like the duplex. A lot. It has just about everything. It's 3 bedrooms, with one full bath and two 3/4 baths. The family room is roomy, the laundry is in a convenient place, there is more than enough storage for 2 families like ours, a huge yard, a deck and tons of kitchen cabinet/counter space. The only down sides are some unfortunately colored carpets and the smallness of the living room. I hope nothing happens to prevent the rental. I can really see Deven growing up there.

The townhouse was just ehh, but for the FANTASTIC kitchen and the great views. The tradeoffs there were that it still has an apartment feel and the SHARP drop to the street below from the microscopic backyard.

Deven has recently started squealing. This is even cuter than cooing. He is the most awesome little person. Yesterday, I bounced him on my leg and he was squealing and grinning at me. Made my day!

The phone keeps ringing, bothering the baby. It's starting to piss me off. Particularly because they don't say anything. Once I got a call waiting with them calling me again while I was still trying to get them to at least say who they were calling for. I hate the phone.

I think that is all I know. Sad, that's all I have to say.

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