10 February 2013

Busy times

I've really been diving into my challenge, which is leaving me with little energy for blogging.

I've done 340 cardio minutes this week, plus a good amount of strength, some really excellent stretching and I've eaten very healthfully.

I've got to make sure I change things, because I'm not a vegetarian anymore.  I'm just a girl that eats meat but not so often.

Today is my rest day.  It's a lovely, restorative thing.  I've gone to yoga, but otherwise, I've been relaxing and enjoying my day.

Tomorrow it's back at it.  I owe 50 minutes of cardio 6 days per week. 3 days of strength.  At least 4 days of yoga and 7 days of squats (we are also doing a squatathon.)

I'm super happy right now.  Disappointed with the slow movement of the scale, but delighted with my life nonetheless.

Be well.

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