02 December 2009

22 months

Dear Deven,
You continue to be the such a highlight in our lives. We are very blessed to have you with us.

A few weeks ago, you suddenly became terrified of the bathtub. We were very concerned about this and tried lots of things to try to help you overcome your fears. We bought you new bath toys, new bubble bath. We had an upcoming trip to stay in a hotel with your cousins, and we were afraid you wouldn't want to swim.

Fortunately, with gentle exposure to the bath, you became slightly less afraid. Once we got to the hotel and got you in the water, you lost all of your fear. Just a few minutes ago, we gave you another bath and you smiled, laughed and played and really enjoyed your bath.

There hasn't been a huge number of changes over last month, but you are always adding on to your skill set and your vocabulary.

Your personality is so great and fun. I love you so much.

Thanks for being such a wonderful little man. My life is so rich because of you.


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