23 June 2009

17 months

Dear Deven,
You turned 17 months on Thursday. This has been a challenging month for you because for the first part of the month, your life was being interrupted. We bought a house and were packing up the duplex that has been home for the past year.

During this time, we transitioned you to a new daycare. You handled this like a champion. You didn't fuss or complain.

Now that we are moved into the house, we have some concerns about how you are adjusting. During the waking hours, you seem happy, running back and forth between the living room, the play room and your bedroom, but at night, you are showing some discomfort. I know in the end, you are going to be very happy here and we will keep doing everything we can to help you get acclimated.

You started doing some really cool things. First, you started really trying to learn to jump. You added several words to your vocabulary. You have started really babbling much more than ever and what you say is starting to sound like real words.

You have also started to really understand *and say* no. If we tell you no, sometimes you get really sad, but your personality is so awesome that you never stay sad for very long. You have also gotten more trustworthy. We can let you play in another room for good stretches of time because you seem to really want to be a good boy, and have stopped putting everything in your mouth.

You have also started to show your affection more. You kiss your sheep, you kiss my shoulder, you kiss daddy's shoulder, you put your hands on my cheek and give me a kiss on the mouth.

We are so proud of you, little man. You are the best.


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