20 November 2008

10 months old

Dear Deven,
Being your mom is a bigger adventure every month. You are getting more and more brave. You have taken a few unassisted steps here and there. You have started giving things a name. You are into everything.

You have also started getting very demanding, really finding your voice. You try different sounds to see what works best to get what you want or need. We try to respond to the cute little chatter, not to the crying or screaming.

You have started to get really excited when we come to pick you up. You crawl, toddle or cruise to us as fast as you can. You are full of smiles. You give hugs (you say awww when you give them), sloppy kisses and still have a winning smile with those 2 bottom teeth showing.

You are such a great kid. Really, the best thing that has ever happened to your dad and me. We love you both so much.


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