20 September 2008

8 Months Old

Dear Deven,

On Thursday, you turned 8 months old. It's been such an awesome month. You took off crawling like a shot. You are into everything, so are really keeping us on our toes.

Not content to let your accomplishments there, you are also pulling yourself up on EVERY THING POSSIBLE, including things that are not nearly stable enough to be standing against. This has resulted in some comical "Deven's stuck" situations.

You are cruising and it's very cute. You are also trying to work out bending at the waist to get something you want.

You are eating more and more grown up food cut into tiny bits. We could advance you more quickly, but apparently, you are never getting teeth, because after 8 months of life, you are still a toothless wonder.

I do think you are getting very spoiled, but its the good kind of spoiled. The kind where your parents love you so much and pick you up when you cry. You are not STUFF spoiled.

It's such a pleasure to be your mom, to have you look up from nursing, smile a little smile and tap my arm. I love every second. Even those seconds that get me up in the night. You are the best little person ever.

I love you so much,


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