18 May 2008

4 months old!

Dear Deven,

Today you turn four months old. This week you are more social, you smile at people, flirt with strangers, chatter in the cutest way imaginable, giggle sometimes, and this is my favorite, seek out our voices when we talk to you.

I will never forget the day I walked into your daycare to pick you up, and was talking to your teacher while I started walk towards where your things were kept. You saw me, smiled and threw your arms up. I have never felt more important.

You are starting to really play in your exersaucer, turning yourself around to look at all of the different toys. You seem to be connecting that when you pull on this, or push on that, they toy makes a noise.

We started you on rice cereal a few days ago at the suggestion of your pediatrician. You love this! At first, we had you in your exersaucer, but you were too excited, jumping around, to really get much food in your mouth. Now we use the bouncy seat and you are eating most of what we give you. As a result of the cereal, you are now sleeping 5 hours at a stretch, and your mama is starting to feel somewhat well rested.

Your sitting up is really improving. You can now sit up for about 10 seconds before you fall over. Speaking of falling over, you have a new game now. You will be sitting up and you will push yourself backwards so you can fall over. We only allow you to play this game on a soft surface, like into the down comforter, but you LOVE this game and don't seem to tire of it.

With all this good comes some bad. When you have cranky times, you REALLY have cranky times. You will fuss without resolution. But then you sleep. We've found even if you only sleep for 5 minutes, you will wake up and be the happy, smiley baby that we so adore.

You have also started to get scared. A loud noise will happen, and you will make a sad face and cry a very high pitched cry. This is a cry that breaks a mother's heart. The good news there is that you are very easy to soothe when this happens. We just hold you close, talk softly in your ear, and you feel better.

You are such an amazing little person, and I am profoundly privileged to be your mama.



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