14 March 2008

2 months old in just a few days

Dear Deven,
This has been such a cool month. You have started smiling, cooing, reaching for objects in front of you.

It's also been a tough month. You had whole nights that you didn't think sleeping was necessary for either of us. You don't just get a little upset anymore. You get pissed. I am talking wailing, red faced, fists balled up pissed. You go straight from smiling to this point.

It is also been a tough month because I went back to work this week, and you went to daycare.
I cried so hard leaving you. It's really a miracle that I didn't get in an accident driving to work. I was very proud when the daycare lady told me that you are 'the most wonderful baby' and 'a delight'. I was happy to learn that you were eating and sleeping well at daycare, but at the same time, it made me a little sad. My baby doesn't need me quite as much anymore.

Yesterday, when I picked you up from daycare, you made my day. You smiled at me, cooed and made my heart melt all over again.

I love you little man. More than I can ever express.

Just don't grow up too soon, k? I really cherish this time with you.


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