30 December 2007

9 months pregnant

On Wednesday, I will be 37 weeks pregnant. This marks the time when the baby is considered 'full term'. I could have this child any day. I bet money that he decides to be late, though.

I can tell you that this journey, while cool, is very tiring indeed. Now, I have lots of back pain, gigantic swelling feet, near constant menstrual like cramps, and a belly that moves kind of wildly at times.

I have our apartment set up for baby, our hospital bags packed and if I have my way, my husband will get his ass in gear and get the carseat installed VERY SOON. It drives me nuts that this isn't already done.

Oh, but if I could get the world to work within my timeframe. There would be few instances of procrastination.

I feel somewhat guilty that I haven't done a better job of updating here. It would be nice to have this documented for when our little boy gets here.

Deven Thomas, I can hardly wait to see your face. You can be born whenever you feel ready.

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