19 August 2007


Sundays are the laziest of all days around here. I usually make something carbarific for breakfast (this morning it was garlic cheddar biscuits) and we read the paper, and laze around. Our typical Sunday activities include recreational shopping, groceries, and slack.

Raj has to write a paper today, but other than that, we have no agenda. We are showered up, and I am dressed. I look so cute. I am wearing this adorable blue and white striped maternity shirt my sister bought me, and some dark blue denim capris. I might have to have Raj take a picture, documenting that I actually looked cute for a day.

Maybe we will go to the zoo, or the botanical gardens, or just around Madison a bit. Even though it is raining like crazy, I like to go around and document how pretty our fair city is. It's easy to forget how much nice there is when the rest of the world spends so much time being ugly. There are also a large variety of baby items we could be shopping, comparing and pricing. And I need to buy some things to make a veggie pizza for a pot luck we are having at work.

YESTERDAY was our company picnic. Sucky that it rained, but it was great to have everyone get together, and meet everyone's families. Since we have 2 offices, it was a real treat to see everyone from that office.

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