21 November 2005

I am too cheap to buy a Dyson

So I was gonna buy a Vax from Best Buy (supposedly just as good for 1/2 the price).

I am also too cheap to buy 1/2 a Dyson.

So I bought a Hoover Fusion. It kicks so much ass. The only downfall is that the Fusion is sold ONLY at Walmart. I super duper hate Walmart.

Seriously. 1) I am horrified that our floors were so disgusting. 2) My cats shed WAY more than I previously thought. I am seriously considering vacuuming them. 3) After vacuuming with the Fusion, our whole apartment smells delightfully fresh. 4) The Fusion was LESS THAN $140. SUCK IT DYSON!

I will probably go hug the Fusion as soon as I am sure that noone is looking.



Matt said...

I can't wait to come over and track dirt on your carpet so that you can vaccuum it.

EmilySingh said...

YAY vacuuming incentive.

I am also bringing pumpkin pie. So that means one pumpkin pie, one peach pie, one peaches & mixed berry cream pie and oniony green bean casserole and unoniony green bean casserole.

I have not planned to bring any whipped topping. Do I need to plan on it?

Matt said...

We have no whipped topping at home, so I suppose that if you want whipped topping, you should bring it.