13 October 2004

A moment of whining

Every time I sit at my desk, it's like I am being chastised. I have a sheet of paper, + filled with thank you notes that need to be written out.

I WANT to get them done, and I WANT to get it over with, but I can't make myself start.

Also, I sort of think that we should wait, and add a picture of ourselves in them. *Sigh*

ALSO, also, I really want to do the bowling party soon, because I love to bowl, and have no problems whatsoever looking stupid while doing it. I'm pretty much used to looking stupid.

Now I have to go to work. Crapinahat.


Nate said...

Forcing yourself to do something is no fun. Just remember that after you're finished, you feel so much better about yourself. A picture of the two of you would be very cool, but extra work.
Getting everything you wanted done at work is always good. It's forcing yourself to do it that sucks. :)
I'm curious to know how the hubby took the candle purchase? I'm sure he was excited that he'll have more decorative things in the house...aka crap.
Bowling party would be fun...just let us know the date...Just give us like a week worth of notice.
Now I have to get back to work...have a good day! :)

EmilySingh said...

He took it really well, probably because I told him about the much coveted bowl, first.