07 August 2013

Shrinking Jeans Summer Blowout Weightloss Challenge

I need a boost.  I decided to join The Shrinking Jeans Summer Blowout Weightloss Challenge.  I'm going to stay the course with my calorie counting, clean eating, 40 miles run for the month of August, 30 minutes of yoga per day and twice a week bootcamp and once per week boxing.

I'm proud of my fitness, but my weight continues to be higher than I'd like it and higher than it has been at various points of this year.  I'm disappointed to report that I am only one pound less than I was on 1/1/2013.  It's time for me to continue putting in the work.  Here's what I learned doesn't work for me.  MODERATION.  If I open the door, I open the floodgates and my self control goes out the window.  I need to just use my common sense, make better decisions and keep working hard.  You don't lose weight in the gym, you lose it in the kitchen.

My trainer will be doing fall and holiday fitness challenges.  I will definitely be in it with her, as my fitness has grown by leaps and bounds.  If I could get my food dialed in, I would seriously be all set.

I accidentally agreed to run a 10K in September and another in October, so I am working hard to get ready for that.  This week's training runs are 4 10-minute runs with a one minute walk break between each run.  Next week, it's 3 15-minute runs. I'm a little scared of it, but I'm tough, I've got this.  Prepare yourself for weeks of whining about too much running, which is probably better than weeks of silence I've been giving this blog lately.

So, how are you all? What are you doing to make your life a more positive place?

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